July 8, 2019

Can I update the web site?

You can indeed, you will have access to amend information pages such as the home page, about us, contact us and news stories however the product details and range cannot be altered.

Is website interactive with social media?

Yes, it has hyperlinks to your Social Media in the page footer on every page.

Can it be used also on mobiles and tablets?

Yes it can, the sites will re-size to suit the device they are being viewed on.

Who changes/amends anything on the website (be it the interface, products, information etc.)?

You will be able to update most static information and we will update all product and pricing information.

How are payments handled, where does the money go?

The contract of sale is between you and the consumer.  When a consumer makes a purchase on the site, they are directed to a PayPal payment gateway.  Payment is made and that goes straight from them into your PayPal account (we do not have access to this).  We are informed the order has been placed, as are you, and we despatch the items to the 3rd party under plain wrap (including your own despatch note if you have taken that option).  The goods are booked onto your additional e-commerce Aldridge Credit Account.  You would pay this is the normal way (30 day payment terms).

What kind of payments can be accepted?

PayPal accepts most forms of payment including Visa Debit, Visa Credit, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express; the consumer does not need a PayPal account to make payment.

Do we get charged for credit card/other payments?

Please see PayPal Fees for this answer – https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/paypal-fees

What range of products are we able to offer?

The site will contain all products we deem suitable for sale to end users (currently around 11,000), this excludes items such as lockpicks, key blanks and components.

Can we offer our own products (products not stocked by Aldridge Security)?

No, the site will only contain products available through ourselves, you would need to build your own site for this and we could provide product feeds to assist with product population.

Who controls the selling prices?

When we set your site up we give you a pricing file to complete, this allows you to choose a mark-up (for nett priced products) and a discount (off RRP priced products) along with a global minimal margin safety nett and the ability to dictate nett selling prices.  Every month we review all prices in line with your requirements to ensure that you remain competitive and profitable.

Is there a facility for offering quantity discounts?

No, there is only a nett selling price.

How are returns handled?

All returns have to come back to you first as we are invisible to the consumer, how you arrange this is between you and your customer; they can request a return through the website.  You would then need to arrange the return with us (via Customer Services in the normal way) when you are in receipt of the item.  If the item is no longer required we would allow you one return a month (collect up all the items over the month to return in one go) and we would not charge you a re-stocking charge on this return (return timescales apply) assuming that the item is in resalable condition, carriage charges to get the items back to us on this return would need to be covered by you, you may decide that you would be better off returning the item to your own stock.

If customer has paid carriage and wants to return goods would he get a credit for the carriage as well if he was not at fault?

You are responsible for all refunds to the consumer through your PayPal account.  We would credit your Aldridge Account for faulty item returns including any carriage paid.

What is the procedure for chasing up a delivery?

You are able to request a proof of delivery (POD) from us if the consumer requests one from you.

Missed anything?

Send us an email at wsc@aldridgesecurity.co.uk and we will do our best to assist.